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With the use of smartphones or mobile devices increasing, photo apps like Instagram receive high numbers of downloads compared to other social networking and media-sharing sites. With million users daily, businesses globally are opting to use this platform for their marketing. Learn more about instagram captions, go here.

Below are general habits that can be used to improve your marketing efforts:


1.    Incorporating captions 

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words and the use of captions further enhance the communication. Images may not always speak for themselves as everyone may not look at them and understand. These captions explain to your followers what the post is all about and particularly giving information on your general branding. Find out for further details right here


2.    Using hashtags

Hashtags allow your content to be searchable online by users and this may help increase following or engagement. Some hashtags end up being viral and pushing content to users and this is good for the business. Hashtags can also be used to organize contests or a virtual party for live events.


3.    Posting high quality and creative media

Using Instagram may sound easy as just taking a photo and posting it, however it is not so as the most engaged content are well thought through. Users are therefore encourage to as much as possible post high quality videos and pictures through a professional or editing tools. Instagram has filters that can be used for this purpose.


4.    Post regularly

When it comes to Instagram, the more to see or share the better as this may allow one to gain more followers. Regular posts will help build the interest of followers and new users increasing authority of the brand. Brands are also encouraged to ensure that content is more focused on the consumer.


5.    Tag people to photos

Tagging allows users to be exposed to your audience and socially everybody prefers this since it is one way of sending a shout out. This can be done for example when there is a company event and your team members have accounts and can be tagged. By tagging, you can also ask questions and be answered giving more room to learn about your brand.


6.    Like other photos by users and drop them a comment

This is part of engagement with users. It is important to always check your feed and see what others are posting and comment to them and they will be able to reciprocate in due time. This is also good relationship building with other users.


7.    Be polite when commenting

Leaving nasty comments on other users photos or videos only hurts your brand so avoid it. Be kind, helpful and very friendly.


8.    Relating with followers

User engagement is important in sustaining connections with visitors. Respond to questions or comments by tagging the users when they do so. Take a look at this link for more information.